Chung King mansion, Kowloon (Tsim Sha Tsui)

Our friend Lennart wanted to stay in the Chung King mansions, one of the most famous low cost hotels of Hong Kong. Low cost, they quoted him $1200 HKD ($180 USD) for a room per night, minimum 4 nights. Anyway, he negotiated it to the more acceptable 600 HKD, which still is pretty expensive.



Here you see the elevators at the place. The left one goes to even floors, the right one to odd number floors. They are really slow. And, don't miss the CCTV cameras which are monitoring what's going on inside the elevators.




A better deal than using the CCTV elevators is to use the stairway. A lot of graffiti and not very well maintained though.








The room is OK, with a large bed (a lot better than we got at the Imperial Hotel at a lot higher rate). Working AC and a decent bathroom.






The bathroom.







It is a room with a view! Room 425, in the deluxe accommodation section.







Note the yellow water in the toilet. This is after flushing, not before.







The elevators going up, celebrating the handover.







Some photos over Hong Kong from Star Ferries



Here you can see the new exhibition center where the actual handover took place. Built on reclaimed land. Click here for a full size photo!






The financial district, dominated by the bank of China.




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